Dowry Paragraph


Dowry means things like money or property that a bride brings to her husband when they get married. In some places, people think girls are not as good as boys. They believe girls can't help the family. So, during a wedding, some greedy people ask for a lot of money or things from the bride's family. Girls who are poor and can't read or write often suffer from this. If the bride's family can't give what the groom's family wants, they treat the bride badly and sometimes hurt her a lot. This makes many of the brides get divorced, hurt themselves on purpose, or get killed by their husbands. This problem affects our whole society. Now, a father can't imagine his daughter getting married without giving something to the groom's family. I really don't like this bad thing in our society. We need to get rid of this problem from our society right away. We can make this bad thing go away by changing how people think, especially the men, and by making strict laws against the people who ask for dowry.
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