Drinking Water Composition

Water is very important for life. People, animals, and plants cannot survive without it. But the water needs to be clean. Dirty water can cause death.

We should drink pure water because some deadly diseases like cholera and typhoid can be transmitted through water.

There are three main sources of water: underground water, surface water, and rainwater.

The best way to clean water is by boiling it for a long time. However, this may not always be possible, especially if there is no gas available. Rainwater is the safest option among these. Another safe source is tubewell water, but we need to ensure it's free from arsenic. Water-purifying tablets are an easy solution to the problem.

Nowadays, bottled water is available, but there are reports suggesting that it might just be tap water. So, we need to be careful and alert. The government should take action to prevent such cheating. Even if bottled water is pure, it's expensive, and not everyone can afford it.

In rural areas, people often drink surface water, especially from ponds. However, it can be dangerous due to harmful substances. To make it safe, surface water should be boiled for a long time and treated with water-purifying tablets.

People need to be aware of the risks, but spreading information through radio and television might not reach those living in remote areas. In such places, the local administration can use loudspeakers to advise people about drinking pure water.
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