E-mail to Your Father for Sending You Some Money

To: father@hotmail.com
From: YourName@email.com
Sent: [Current Date]
Subject: Request for Money to Buy Books

Dear Father,

I hope everyone in the family is doing well. I'm doing fine here. The results of my Annual Examination are out. I'm excited to share that I've been promoted to class IX. I've even managed to achieve a GPA-5 in all my subjects. The teachers have praised my efforts a lot.

My teachers have recommended some important books for the upcoming class. I feel that these books are necessary for my studies. The total cost for these books is around one thousand taka. Could you please send me the required money as soon as possible? I need it urgently.

Sending my best regards to you and lots of love to everyone.

Yours affectionately,
[Your Name]
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