E-mail to Your Friend Describing The Foods and Food Habits in Bangladesh

To: zeson@gmail.com
Subject: Food and Eating Habits in Bangladesh

Hello Zeson,

I just received your email and I see you're curious about the food and how we eat in our country. I'll explain it in a simple way for you. 

In Bangladesh, people usually have three main meals every day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They really like eating rice, fish, vegetables, and beans. In the cities, some folks have things like bread and vegetables for breakfast. Others might have something called "parata" with eggs, or maybe even some pastries and bananas. We have lots of yummy fruits too, like mangoes, jackfruits, and bananas. When it's winter, we enjoy special treats called "pithas."

Here's an interesting thing: people who live in the countryside usually don't have snacks during the day, but people who live in the cities do. They enjoy different kinds of light foods in between meals.

I'm curious about how people eat in your country too. It would be great if you could tell me about it.

Take care,
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