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Hello Sadiq,

I hope you're doing well. Thanks for reaching out. I have some exciting news to share – I won the first prize in our school's English debate competition! The topic was "The importance of learning English." I wanted to tell you what I discussed during the event.

English is a language that is used all around the world. It's connected to many of the great things we have in our modern society. If we don't learn English, we might miss out on being part of the global community. Our education could suffer too, because most of the important books for higher studies are written in English.

English is also really important in many areas of life, like science, technology, law, medicine, business, industry, and international relations. It's not something we can replace with our native language overnight. Unfortunately, people have been thinking less of the importance of English lately. This has led to a decrease in the quality of education.

It's about time we recognize how crucial it is to learn English and work on improving our English skills. This will help us keep up with the changing world and do well in various fields.

I hope you're doing fine. Take care!

Best regards,
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