E-mail to Your Friend Inviting Him to Spend The Summer Vacation

To: ortho@gmail.com
From: Your Friend
Sent: [Current Date]
Subject: Summer Vacation Invitation to Our Village

Hey Ortho,

Hope you're good! Got your nice message and hoping to hear from you more often. You asked about my summer plans, and I've got an idea that I think you'll like. How about spending some time together during the summer break? I'd love to invite you to my village, Sonargaon.

Imagine this: fresh air, open spaces, and a break from the city hustle. It's a chance to recharge and enjoy a different kind of life. To get here, you can take a bus from Gulistan that's headed to Dhaka-Sonargaon. After about an hour, you'll be here. Once off the bus, just ask someone at a tea-stall nearby for directions to my house. It's pretty close.

Don't miss out on this chance. Let's plan some awesome times together. More details when we chat later.

Take care and looking forward to your visit!

Warm wishes,
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