Environment Pollution Paragraph

Right now, people talk a lot about environment pollution in the world. The environment we live in gets dirty in two main ways: air pollution and water pollution. The air around us becomes dirty in different ways. Smoke makes the air dirty. People light fires to cook food, make bricks, and build roads. They also burn wood, and all of this makes a lot of smoke that goes into the air. Trains, factories, and power plants use coal and oil. Buses, trucks, and cars use gasoline and diesel. All of these things make the air dirty too. Water becomes dirty in different ways. Farmers use chemicals on their land to help their crops grow, but when it rains, some of these chemicals get washed into the water. Factories also make the water dirty by throwing their waste and things they couldn't sell into rivers and canals. Even boats can make water dirty by throwing oil, leftover food, and human waste into the water. Dirty toilets near rivers and canals also make the water dirty. So both the air and water get dirty, and this makes our environment dirty. To stop water from getting dirty, we can do a few things. First, we need to tell people how important clean water is. It's just as important as clean air. Chemicals from farms shouldn't mix with river, canal, or pond water. Factories shouldn't throw waste into rivers and canals. Boats shouldn't throw oil, food, or waste into the water either. And toilets near water shouldn't be built. We need to make sure people know about these things. To stop air from getting dirty, we can take steps and make sure people know about them too.
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