Eve Teasing Paragraph

Teasing Girls

Teasing girls means being mean and wrong to them in a hurtful way. Bad people do this and it makes girls feel really bad. This is a big problem now. It happens to girls who go to school or college. Sometimes, a few boys or even older boys stand on the street. They dress weird and some even smoke. When they see a young girl or woman walking by, they say mean things to them. This makes the girls or women feel very embarrassed and disrespected. They even tease a girl's mother. So, it's really hard for girls. If someone tries to stop this teasing, the teasers get angry and threaten them. They even threaten to hurt the girls. This is a very tough situation. Girls are scared to go out. They don't feel safe going to school or college. The government is trying to stop this. They made special courts that can punish the teasers. If someone is found guilty of bothering or following women, they can go to jail for a year or pay money as a fine. The special court can punish the teasers right away. The Education Ministry also made a day to fight against teasing girls. It's called Eve-Teasing Protection Day on 13 June. This is to help stop this bad thing from happening.
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