Fear of Imaginary Ghost Story

I'm in 10th grade and stay at my school's hostel. I spent my vacation in my village house during Ramadan. After the vacation, I walked about twenty kilometers to the railway station from my house. I got to the station at 9 o'clock at night. But I found out the train had left a few minutes ago. So, I decided to go back home, but there was no transportation. I walked alone on the road, and everything was quiet.

I felt like there might be someone following me, which scared me a lot. I was too scared to even turn around and look. I stopped walking, but I didn't hear any sound. When I started walking again, the noise started getting louder, like it was coming closer. I started running to try to escape the sound, but it seemed like the noise was chasing me. I thought I saw a ghost, even though it wasn't real. I was so scared that I started sweating and shaking. I walked quickly and reached home fast.

I called out for my mother and asked her to come outside with a light. She came with a candle and was worried when she saw me trembling and sweating. I told her everything that had happened. My mother noticed a small piece of wood stuck to my shoe. That's when I realized that the piece of wood was making the sound. Only then did I start feeling better and less scared.
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