Global Warming Paragraph

Global Warming

Lately, there have been many worrying reports that the Earth's weather is changing a lot. All these reports show strong proof that the planet is getting hotter every day. This heating is called global warming, and it happens because there is more carbon dioxide around the Earth. Most weather experts think that the 'greenhouse effect' is probably what's making the Earth warmer. They guess that by the middle of the next hundred years, temperatures might go up by as much as 4°C. This could really hurt our ability to grow food, harm animals and nature a lot, make oceans rise, and flood coasts and farmland. The troubling news about Bangladesh is that because the sea is getting higher, the southern part of the country might end up underwater one day.

The main things causing global warming are gases like carbon dioxide, which comes from burning things like gas and trees, and also bad stuff like methane and chlorofluorocarbons. Trees can help stop global warming. So, we should plant more trees and make sure there are lots of trees all over the country. Also, we shouldn't just cut down trees and burn them. In the end, we can stop global warming by telling everyone about it and making sure people understand.
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