Grasp All, Lose All Story

Catch Everything, Lose Everything
Desire Leads to Failure

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a goose. This special goose laid a golden egg every single day. The farmer would sell these eggs at the market, and before long, he became quite well-off. However, his wife was very greedy. She wanted to become incredibly rich in no time at all. She thought to herself, "Certainly, there must be a bunch of golden eggs inside the goose's stomach. So, getting just one egg each day isn't worth it. We could get all the eggs at once by cutting open the goose's belly." She shared this idea with her husband, but he was a clever person. He didn't agree with her plan.

One day, while the farmer was away at the farm, his greedy wife took a sharp knife and cut open the goose's belly. To her disappointment, there were no eggs inside, only the lifeless body of the goose. Her greed led her to lose any chance of becoming prosperous.
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