Greatness of The Nobleman Story

The Amazing Kindness of The Gentleman

Once upon a time, there was a person who farmed the land. One day, this farmer needed to take some big bags of wheat to a mill that was a little far away, a few kilometers maybe. While he was walking with his horse and sacks, the horse tripped, and one of the bags fell to the ground. This bag was really heavy, and the farmer couldn't lift it back up all by himself. Plus, there was nobody else around to give him a hand. He didn't know what to do.

But then, something wonderful happened. Guess who showed up? A person on a horse was coming his way. The farmer's heart jumped with hope. As this person on the horse got closer, the farmer realized who it was. Can you believe it? It was the nice nobleman who lived in that big house on top of the hill. This nobleman was known for being really kind and good-hearted.

The nobleman stopped right in front of the farmer and got down from his horse. He helped the farmer pick up the heavy wheat sack and put it back where it belonged. The farmer was super surprised. He couldn't believe that someone as important and special as the nobleman would actually help someone like him, a simple farmer.
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