Importance of Trees Paragraph

Trees help people in three very big ways. They give us wood and other things we need. They also give us shade from the sun. And they stop too much rain and flooding. Trees do a lot for the weather. If we break trees without thinking, one day our country could become a big desert. Then, there won't be rain, and our country will have a big problem. Trees make the ground strong. Trees stop floods and other big problems from nature. Trees stop the air from getting too hot. They give us air to breathe. They stop too much carbon dioxide in the world. So, trees help keep everything balanced. Trees give us food and a place to live. They make the dirt good for growing things. We get wood from trees. People use this wood to build houses, boats, ships, and furniture. Trees also stop strong winds from breaking houses. Trees give shade to keep us cool when the sun is very hot. Some trees have fruit that we can eat. Trees even help make rain. They stop places from becoming deserts. Birds and animals can live in trees too. Trees are also pretty to look at. We should take care of trees by not cutting them down. We can also take care of trees by planting more of them. Planting more trees will make life better, happier, and healthier.
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