International Mother Language Day Composition

International Mother Language Day

Every country has things they can be proud of. Our language day is a special event for us. What makes us even prouder is that this event has become global. The International Mother Language Day acknowledges our language movement and the sacrifices made by language martyrs, recognized by the international community. Now, our language day is celebrated worldwide as International Mother Language Day.

On February 21st, we observe the language day. It marks the end of protests and events that happened between 1948 and 1952. After Pakistan gained independence, the ruling authority declared Urdu as the state language, ignoring the demand to recognize Bangla as well.

In 1952, protests erupted in East Pakistan against this decision. Despite the authorities' attempt to suppress the protests, when a procession was held in Dhaka University area, police fired on the crowd, resulting in martyrdom of Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam, Barkat, and Shafiq. Finally, Bangla was recognized as the state language. Since then, the day is observed with respect and homage throughout the country.

On November 17, 1999, UNESCO, a United Nations organization, recognized our language movement and the sacrifices of the martyrs. They declared that the day would be observed internationally. Since 2000, International Mother Language Day is celebrated worldwide. This recognition has elevated our national pride and honored the sacrifices of our language martyrs. Through UNESCO, our language day gained international status.

The recognition of our language day and its observance internationally is significant. UNESCO not only acknowledges our language movement but also emphasizes the right of every nation to speak in their own language. It also highlights the importance of preserving all languages to maintain cultural identity and diversity.

Since 1952, February 21st has been our language day. On this day, we remember our martyrs and pay homage to those who sacrificed their lives for our mother tongue. Monuments called Shahid Minar are erected in their memory, and we offer flower wreaths and stand in silence to honor them.

Beyond remembrance, February 21st holds great importance. It sowed the seed of our liberation war and taught us to fight for our rights, honor, and dignity in the world. It inspired us not to bow down to oppression and to be willing to sacrifice for our country. Thus, International Mother Language Day is very significant.

We are the only nation to sacrifice lives for our mother tongue. International Mother Language Day proudly recognizes our history and achievement. It highlights the importance of linguistic identity and diversity. We are truly proud to have achieved something globally accepted.
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