Letter to friend about important places in kolkata to visit

Hey Rajesh,

I'm really excited that you're coming to Kolkata and staying for a week! While you're here, there are some cool places you shouldn't miss. Here's a simple plan for you to explore the city's highlights:

Start by checking out the Indian Museum, the Zoo, Birla Planetarium, Science City, Nicco Park, and the Kali Temples in Dakshineswar and Kalighat. These are popular spots for visitors.

You can begin at the Indian Museum and then move on to the Birla Planetarium, Victoria Memorial Hall, Academy of Fine Arts, and Nandan. The Victoria Memorial even has a cool light and sound show. Nandan is where a lot of Bengali cultural stuff happens. Nearby, there's a kids' museum too.

On another day, you can visit places like Science City, Nicco Park, and Aquatica. The Zoo and National Library can be another day's adventure. You can also explore Kalighat on the same day.

Don't worry, I'll be here to help you out during your Kolkata adventure. Looking forward to seeing you next month! Take care!

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