Life of a Freedom Fighter Composition

Life of a Freedom Fighter

Bangladesh got its independence in 1971 after a long, violent war that lasted nine months. Freedom doesn't just come to a nation; the nation must rise up to achieve it. Many brave people sacrificed their lives to bring freedom, and they are known as 'freedom fighters,' a common term in the hearts of the masses. The freedom fighters fought for a dream of creating a corruption-free and fair society, but that dream is still far from reality. Some of them live in miserable conditions because their dream has not come true. They lack dignity and honor in society. Let me tell you the story of one such freedom fighter briefly.

Many brave individuals left their homes when their homeland called. Kador Ali was one of them; he took part in several attacks under the command of Sector Commander Major Monzur. He fought heroically in a bloody battle at Kumarkhali and lost one of his hands.

Kador Ali became unable to work hard due to his injury. He had a family of eight members, but he received no assistance from anywhere. No financial help was given, and he struggled to provide food for his family. Misfortune struck, and he started begging. Sometimes, he spent nights without a meal, sleeping beside the road. One night, he left this harsh world where love, sympathy, and affection seemed nonexistent. This is the true life story of a great son of this land who fought bravely against enemies and brought independence to us. Sadly, the nation did not show him the dignity and honor he deserved but instead neglected and frustrated him.

After a sea of blood and numerous sacrifices, we achieved our freedom from Pakistan. Today, we are proud to be an independent and sovereign nation. Our liberation war is now part of history, but it is a history written with blood. The achievement is more valuable than our lives. The liberation war remains a living memory, our greatest accomplishment, and our source of pride. It teaches us to stand up for just causes, assert our rights, and be respected in the world.

Gradually, the situation is changing. The government is now working to fulfill the dreams of the freedom fighters. They should receive financial assistance to lead a dignified life in society. Sadly, the great freedom fighter Kador Ali couldn't witness the present state of affairs. The freedom fighters are the greatest sons of our land, and we should all respect them for their sincere sacrifices. We must take effective steps to honor them during their lifetime so that no freedom fighter faces the fate that Kador Ali, our dearest one, endured.
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