Mobile Phone Paragraph

Cell Phone

In our time of science and technology, we have something called a cell phone. It's a special gift from technology. It has made big changes in how we talk to each other. People like business folks, workers, students, and even people at home all use cell phones today. A cell phone is like a magic thing that stops waiting from making us sad. It makes time and space feel shorter. Now, a cell phone is not just for talking. It's like a mini-computer with the internet, radio, camera, email, fun stuff, games, news, and more. It even helps us save money sometimes. But, a cell phone isn't only good. Bad people can use it to hurt others. Even really bad people use it to do crimes without getting caught. Using a cell phone too much can make our ears and head hurt and make it hard to sleep. So, we need to use it the right way. People who make rules need to stop bad things from happening.
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