My Daily Activities Paragraph

My Daily Routine

I do the same things every day, and I try really hard to stick to my plan. I usually wake up early in the morning. First, I brush my teeth, wash my hands and face, and clean myself. Then, I do my morning prayer. After that, I go for a walk outside for about 30 minutes and come back home. I wash my hands, feet, and face again. Next, I have my breakfast and sit at my reading table. I read for three hours without stopping. Once I'm done with my usual lessons, I take a bath and have a meal. Then, at 10 am, I go to school because my school starts at 10:30 am. The school day goes until 4 pm. After school, I come straight home. When I'm back, I eat and do my afternoon prayer. I rest a little, and then I go to the playground to play. When I return home, I say my evening prayer. After that, I study my lessons until 10 pm. Then, I do my night prayer and have my dinner. Normally, I go to sleep at 11 pm. In addition to this, I read newspapers every day, along with weekly publications and books about stories. I also watch TV and listen to the radio. There are some small changes in my routine on holidays. On those days, I go to different places to have some variety. This is a short description of my usual day.
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