My Favourite Hobby Composition

My Favorite Hobby

Hobby is something fun that people do. It makes us happy and brings joy outside of our main job. We usually do it in our free time. Hobbies don't give us money, but they give us lots of pleasure and happiness. They make life more enjoyable and cheerful.

People have different hobbies. Some like gardening, drawing, painting, and others. Each person chooses a hobby they like. My hobby is gardening.

Some might say gardening wastes time and energy, but I don't think so. I don't feel like the time I spend in my garden is useless. It makes my body stronger and refreshes my mind. Every morning, visiting my garden brings me great joy. The flowers swaying in the gentle breeze make my heart dance with happiness. At night, the sweet smell of flowers fills my room and brings me peace. That's why I chose gardening as my hobby.

My garden is in front of our house. Every afternoon, I spend about two hours working there. I turn and dig the soil to prepare it for planting new plants. In the dry season, I water the plants regularly. I have many different types of flowers in my garden.

Gardening as a hobby also teaches us the value of hard work. It brings joy to our minds and purifies our soul.
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