My Favourite Poet Composition

My favorite poet is Kazi Nazrul Islam. He is the national poet of Bangladesh and known as the Rebel poet in Bengali literature. He was born in Churulia, Asansol.

His father's name was Kazi Fakir Ahmad, and his mother was Zaheda Khatun. Before he was born, they lost four children, so they called him Dukhu Mia.

When Nazrul was young, he lost his mother and faced poverty. He was a clever and mischievous boy, not following the school's strict rules. People in the village called him "Khepa." After passing the Primary Examination, he became a religious teacher and learned Islamic teachings, which influenced his later writings. He also entertained the villagers with a theatrical group called "Letto" and gained fame.

At twelve, he ran away from home and worked as a baker boy, earning five taka per month. A Muslim sub-inspector of police noticed him and brought him to his village, where he was admitted to a high school. During the First World War, he joined the War and became a Havilder.

Even during this time, he continued to write and became famous for his poems and prose pieces. The Regiment was banned, and he returned to Calcutta, where he edited a magazine called "Dhumketu" and published his revolutionary writings. However, he was jailed for one year for writing the poem "Agamani." His famous works include Agni Bina, Bandhan Hara, Rikter Bedan, Bisher Bansi, and Pralay-Shika.

Nazrul's writings were filled with hope, energy, and aspiration. He awakened the people of this subcontinent, giving them hope for a better future, making them aware of their rights, and inspiring them to fight for independence and break free from slavery and subjugation.

He has secured a place in our hearts and the history of Bengali Literature.
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