My Favourite Teacher Paragraph

My Favorite Teacher

My teacher's name is Mr. Ahmed, and he teaches us English. He is 30 years old and is in good health. He is really smart and did well in school. He has a Master's degree in English. His way of teaching is easy to understand. When he teaches, it's clear and not complicated. He has a strong and nice voice. Every day, he teaches us in a new and interesting way. He can make any grammar problem simple. He knows how to make us curious about learning. In class, he acts like someone from England. He talks correctly and even has a foreign accent when he speaks English. He makes the classroom feel like we're in an English-speaking place. We're never bored in his class. Actually, we feel motivated. He's polite and helpful. He's never mean and is friends with us, not bossy. If we don't get a grammar problem, he helps us right away. He's really nice to students who don't have a lot of money. He's honest, serious, and does his job well. He follows the rules and his own beliefs. I will always remember him. He's my best teacher, guide, and friend.
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