My Hobby Paragraph

A hobby is something you do for fun, not your main job. It's a way to enjoy your free time. Everyone has their own hobby. Hobbies can be different, like collecting stamps, gardening, painting, fishing, reading, or traveling. My hobby is gardening. I have a flower garden in front of where I read. I take care of my garden a lot. I give it water, loosen the soil, and plant seeds for different flowers that grow at different times of the year. The roses, champa, belee, malati, and kamini are my best flowers. Only my mom gets mad when she sees me in the garden. She thinks I'm skipping my school work, but I actually do my school stuff first and then work in the garden. When my friends and neighbors come to see my garden, they say nice things about it. It makes me really happy. I'm really proud of my beautiful garden.
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