My Village Composition

My Village

My village is a very nice place. It's called Khidirpur and is famous in the Narsingdi district. The natural beauty here is amazing, and it pleases everyone's eyes. I think it's the best place on Earth.

Around 3,000 people live here, mostly Muslims, and they all live in peace. The villagers are simple, kind, and peaceful. Many of them are middle-class and work in agriculture. Some are traders or have jobs.

We have two primary schools, one high school, and a madrasha in the village. Also, there's a market in the middle.

Getting around the village is easy. There's a good road that goes to other districts and the capital city. You can use it to go to the district town or the nearest railway station.

The weather is nice and healthy, which keeps people strong. I'm really proud of my village.

I grew up in my village, and I miss it a lot. I wish I could stay there forever.
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