My Visit To a Place of Historical Interest Paragraph

Last year, when we had a break in the fall, I had a chance to go to Bagerhat, which is a cool old spot. The Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali is a nice one-story building with a pretty round roof. This guy named Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali was put to rest there. The tomb is made of carved stones. There's a small mosque close by. A good friend of Khan Jahan Ali got buried just outside the tomb. On the night of the full moon in the month of Chaitra (that's in spring), there's a big fair by the Mazar. A lot of people go to the fair. There's a big tank (like a pond) in front of the Mazar. The locals call it the Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali. There are some crocodiles in this big pond. I also went to see the Satgambuj Mosque. It's a big and pretty building. The mosque is nicely decorated. People who visit really like the mosque. There's a big pond near the Satgambuj Mosque. They call this pond the Ghora Dighi. I went to this pond and learned a lot about the good things Khan Jahan Ali did for the community. Bagerhat is really a place with old stories. I spent eight hours there, saw lots of old stuff, and had a good time. I left Bagerhat, but I still keep thinking about the memories.
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