My Visit to A Place of Historical Interest Composition

My Visit to Sonargaon - A Place with Historical Importance

Last month, I got a chance to go to Sonargaon with my parents and cousins. I had heard and read a lot about this historical place. So, I was very happy when my father told me about the trip. On the day we planned, we hired a small bus and left at around 9 in the morning. We arrived at approximately 11 am. Sonargaon is near the modern industrial river port of Narayanganj in Bangladesh. We got off the bus and immediately felt like we were in the thirteenth century.

We walked around and saw the remains of that time. We learned that Sonargaon means 'City of Gold'. It used to be an important administrative, commercial, and maritime center in Bengal. It was also the seat of medieval Muslim rulers and governors of eastern Bengal. It was a significant place during the rule of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah, the Bengal Sultanate, and the Kingdom of Bhati. The name Sonargaon originated from the ancient name 'Suvarnagrama'. In the middle of the 13th century, the Buddhist ruler Danujamadhava Dasharathadeva moved his capital to 'Suvarnagrama' from Bikrampur. But in the early 14th century, Shamsuddin Firoz Shah took over and annexed it to his kingdom, ending the Buddhist rule in the area. Everything there spoke of the history of that period.

We visited the 'Lok Shilpa Jadughar' (Folk Art and Craft Museum) of Sonargaon, which was established by our great Bangladeshi painter Joynul Abedin on March 12, 1975. The museum showed us a rich world of art and craft, displaying our glorious culture and heritage.

The visit was exciting because it took us to a time we didn't belong to. It made us proud and honored to have such a society in the distant past.
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