My Visit to a Zoo Composition

My Trip to the Zoo

I went to the zoo at Mirpur. Last winter, I and my friends visited the zoo and had a great time.

First, we saw a big snake in a large cage. It was sunbathing and looked really huge. Then, we saw many monkeys jumping and making noises. They were kept in enclosures. We also saw lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, deer, snakes, bears, camels, and crocodiles. Some animals scared us, but they were mostly in cages. The Royal Bengal Tiger of Bangladesh was there too. It was big and beautiful, walking around its cage and looking at us sometimes. We saw an ape jumping from bar to bar in its cage. It came close to us, and I gave it some nuts. Birds in cages were chirping and making a lot of noise. Some had colorful feathers and long beaks. In tanks, we saw fish swimming. There were big elephants and baby elephants, a mongoose, and peacocks dancing with their feathers raised.

After lunch, we rode on a camel and explored the zoo for a long time. We got tired, but we enjoyed the visit very much.
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