Myself Paragraph

I am a twelve-year-old boy studying in sixth grade at Agrabad High School. My name is Farabi Hossain, and I live with my family. We live in Agrabad, a small city in Chittagong. My dad's name is Hamid Hossain, and he is very honest, always on time, and works really hard at his job. He even helps his coworkers when they need it. My mom, Shahana Begum, takes care of everything at home and is part of a group of moms who work together. I have two brothers, Harun and Azim. Harun is in seventh grade, and Azim is in fifth grade. When I have free time, I like to work in our vegetable garden with my younger brother, Azim. Everyone in my family gets along well, pays attention to details, and is nice to each other. We're a really happy family. I have a big dream for my future. When I finish school, I want to become the boss of a big company that works in many countries. I hope my dream comes true one day.
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