Necessity is the Mother of Invention Story

Sometimes when we really need something, we come up with clever ideas. Let me tell you a story about a crow on a hot day.

One summer day, a crow was really, really thirsty. It looked all around for water but couldn't find any. Finally, it saw a jar in the distance. It flew over to it and saw there was a bit of water at the bottom of the jar. But the water was too far down for the crow to reach.

The crow wanted that water so much, but it wasn't strong enough to tip the jar over and spill the water out. The crow was stuck and didn't know what to do. It thought for a bit and then had an idea.

Near the jar, there were some little rocks, like pebbles. The crow picked up one rock, then another, and dropped them into the jar one by one. Something amazing happened! The water level started to rise because of the rocks. The crow kept dropping rocks until the water was high enough for the crow to drink.

Oh, the crow was so happy! It felt like it was on top of the world. It drank the water until it wasn't thirsty anymore and then flew away, feeling really satisfied.

This story shows that when we really need something, our minds can come up with clever solutions, just like how the crow used rocks to get to the water.
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