Newspaper Composition


Today is a time of modern science. Newspaper is a wonder of modern science. Newspaper is a paper that brings news and views from home and other places to us. In the morning, we eagerly wait for a newspaper. We can't have breakfast without a newspaper for the day. We can't go a single day without a newspaper. It is a big part of our daily life.

Newspaper was first published in England during Queen Elizabeth's time. The Indian Gazette, the first newspaper in Indo-Bangladesh, was published in 1774. The Samachar Darpan was the first Bengali newspaper published by Christian missionaries in Srerampore. Those days are gone now. Man has invented a printing machine. Thousands of newspapers are printed daily all over the world.

There are many types of newspapers. They are dailies, biweeklies, weeklies, monthlies, and even quarterlies. The dailies contain news and views about daily events from around the world. There are other papers known as periodicals and magazines. They contain literary articles. In our country, there are many English and Bengali dailies like the Prothom Alo, the Jugantor, the Shomokal, the Bangladesh Pratidin, the Kaler Kontho, the Daily Star, the Independence, the New Age, the Daily Sun, the Daily New Nation, the Daily Observer, etc.

The world has become smaller due to global communication through newspapers. Newspapers are very useful to us. We get all sorts of information from them. They keep us updated about politics, economics, culture, literature, games, and sports from around the world.

Newspapers are very helpful to us. We can't even think about our life without a newspaper.
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