Nightmare Experience of Life Story

A Terrifying Night I'll Never Forget

I live with my uncle and aunt on a small island named Kukuri Kukuri char. One night, something really scary happened. I went to sleep around 10:30 PM after my evening meal, and I fell into a deep sleep. But around midnight, a very strong storm called a cyclone came. This storm brought a big wave of water called a tidal bore. This wave washed away everything around me, although I didn't understand what was happening at first.

In the middle of the night, my uncle woke me up suddenly. He told me to quickly climb up a tree. I thought he might be joking because he usually doesn't play jokes, but he seemed very serious. It was very dark outside, and I could hear the wind blowing really hard, making loud sounds in the tree branches. My uncle rushed me outside, and it was so dark that I couldn't see any stars, which meant that the sky was covered with clouds. I found it strange to climb a tree at that time of night, and I started to ask questions, but my uncle told me not to argue and just start climbing.

I knew exactly how to climb that tree even with my eyes closed. I reached for a low branch above my head, pulled myself up until I could put my legs over it, and then I lifted myself onto it. I stayed there until the cyclone passed. When it was finally over, I climbed down from the tree. But the sight that met my eyes was heartbreaking. I saw the lifeless bodies of many people, and there were no houses or trees left standing anywhere. It was an incredibly scary and sad experience that I'll never forget.
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