Nothing Should Be Ignored Story

Once upon a time, in a forest, there was a lion taking a nap. Out of nowhere, a little mouse showed up. The mouse didn't notice the snoozing lion and was busy running around and having fun. By accident, it walked across the lion's face. This woke up the lion and made it pretty mad. The lion caught the mouse in its paws. But then the mouse spoke softly, "Please let me go. Someday, you might need my help." The lion thought for a moment and asked, "How could a small mouse help a big lion?" The mouse replied, "Well, I'll tell you, but please let me go. Just promise to be careful when you walk." So, the lion decided to release the mouse. The mouse was really thankful and thanked the lion.

Later on, the mouse was searching for food. Suddenly, it saw that the lion was trapped in a net in the jungle. Remembering the lion's kindness, the mouse hurried over to help. Using its sharp teeth, it started nibbling away at the net. Eventually, the mouse managed to free the lion. It told the lion that even a tiny creature can be a huge help, even to a giant animal.
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