Our National Flag Paragraph

Our Country's Flag

Every country that is not ruled by another country has a flag that represents it. This flag shows that the country is independent and has its own control. Bangladesh is one of these free countries. So, Bangladesh has its own flag. The people of Bangladesh are happy about their flag because it shows that Bangladesh is a free and self-governing country. It reminds us of the brave fight of the people who fought to make Bangladesh free. The flag's shape is like a rectangle, and its length is 10 units while its width is 6 units. There are different sizes of this flag for different uses. The flag is raised (put up) every day on important government buildings and schools. It is also raised on two special days: Independence Day and Victory Day. On sad days for the whole country, the flag is raised halfway. The flag has two main colors: green and red. Green means young people, and red represents the brave people who fought and died for freedom. We honor the flag and remember the brave people who gave up their lives. I am proud of my country's flag. Whenever I see it, I remember that I belong to a free country. I can show that I respect the flag by doing my duties as a citizen.
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