Pastimes in Urban and Rural Areas Paragraph

Pastimes are like extra flavors in life since they make things less boring and tired. Hobbies are not the same for everyone and they change in cities and the countryside. People who live in cities have access to all the newest conveniences. Also, their lives are very structured and routine. So, they want to escape from the noise and busyness of city life. They often go to parks, take their kids to the zoo and fun parks. They also watch TV, go hiking, look at birds, camp, and do other fun things. But people who live in the countryside don't have those new conveniences. So, they spend their free time chatting. It's important to know that even faraway villages in Bangladesh now have satellite TV. So, people can watch TV now. Also, traditional performances like Jatra, jarigan, sharigan, and magic shows are still liked in the countryside. People in villages also enjoy our traditional games like Kabadi, football, and Ha-du-du. And they often have passionate discussions in tea stalls about the country's politics. So, we can see that the things city people do for fun are not the same as what people in the countryside do.
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