Physical Exercise Composition

Physical exercise means moving our body regularly following rules. It's important to keep our body fit and mind healthy. There are different kinds of exercise like walking, swimming, riding, racing, rowing, gymnastics, wrestling, and playing outdoor and indoor games.

Not all exercises suit everyone. Weak people shouldn't play football or hockey as they'll get tired and gain no benefit. Strong individuals can do any exercise, but weak ones can't. Walking is the best exercise for everyone. It's especially useful for the weak and old, refreshing the body and mind. Swimming is also good, strengthening all body parts. Gymnastics are not for all ages, as they strain weak and old people. Young individuals, students, and club members suit gymnastics best. Riding, racing, rowing, wrestling, and games provide ample opportunities for exercise. Swimming and walking are the best exercises because they're free.

A well-known saying is that a sound mind lives in a sound body. Just acquiring knowledge without good health is useless for society. There's a strong connection between body and mind. An unsound body leads to an unsound mind. A sound mind can't exist without good health. Physical exercise helps build good health, which is key to success.

Many people don't exercise and ruin their health unknowingly. They suffer from various diseases and become dull, peevish, and ill-tempered.

The importance of physical exercise can't be overstated. It helps build good health and a strong mind. Exercise makes our body active and muscles strong, improves digestion and blood circulation, and strengthens our brain. Outdoor games teach unity, patience, obedience, discipline, and punctuality.
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