Prize Day At My School Composition

Prize day is a happy time for teachers, students, parents, and everyone else. The school looks festive with decorations. Students get prizes for doing well in different subjects, attending regularly, and behaving nicely. Some also get prizes for being good at sports and athletics.

Every school has a prize day. Our school had one on April 2nd last year in the schoolyard. We decorated the building nicely with green leaves, flags, and banners. A big tent was set up for the event. Inside, there were tables with prizes and medals neatly arranged. There was a platform where speeches were given and a spot for the winners to receive their prizes. The president sat in the middle with flowers around.

The event started at 10 am, and the guests were warmly welcomed by volunteers. The T. N. O. was the chairman of the event. He arrived just a few minutes before it began and was honored by the students. The Headmaster and some important people also welcomed him.

The formal part started with a recitation from the Holy Quran. The Headmaster then presented a report showing the school's improvement. After that, the main ceremony began. The Headmaster called each winner's name, and the president handed out the prizes. Finally, the president gave a speech, congratulating the school, teachers, and students and offering valuable advice.

The event ended with a thank-you message. I still remember this day vividly.
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