Reading Books Paragraph

Reading Books

Out of all the things we do for fun and enjoyment, reading books is the best. Other things we do for fun only make us happy for a little while. But reading books makes us permanently smarter in both time and space. Books connect us with the past and with traditions. This helps us get ready to deal with challenges and make a place for ourselves. Even someone who's not special can get a lot from a book. But to do that, you have to be curious about different things. Stories and information in books can interest everyone. People who study other things might also like books about philosophy, history, psychology, anthropology, politics, economics, and even medical science. It depends on what someone likes and wants to learn. Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel were religious leaders, but they're the ones who started modern biology. If they hadn't been curious and studied a lot, many parts of biology and social sciences would still be very poor today. What Francis Bacon said about reading books 500 years ago is still true today. Reading books makes a person perfect and complete, especially if they read a lot about what they're interested in, and even about things they're not so sure about.
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