Results of Foolishness Story

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Sufia who worked in a large factory where clothes are made. Imagine, there were more than five thousand people who also worked there! One day, while Sufia was busy doing her job, suddenly a loud noise started saying, "There's a fire! Help, please!" Just like how bad news spreads quickly, this news quickly went from person to person among all the workers.

But the funny thing is, nobody stopped to check if there was really a fire. Everyone got scared and started running around like crazy. They didn't know what to do, so they left their work and tried to get out of the factory. There was only one way out through a gate, and guess what? Everybody wanted to leave through that gate all at once. This caused a big crowd, like when people push and shove at a concert.

Because so many people were pushing, some of them fell down and couldn't get back up. It's really sad, but some of these people even died right there. And you won't believe it, but later they found out that there was actually no fire at all. Can you imagine that? They all realized afterwards that they made a big mistake by panicking and not thinking calmly.

So, this story teaches us that it's important to stay calm and think before we act. Making hasty decisions without checking the facts can lead to big problems, just like what happened to Sufia and the other workers in the factory.
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