Reward of Honesty Story

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Rakib. He was walking back home from school when something caught his eye. There, on the side of the road, was a bag full of money. Rakib paused and thought about how this could be his chance to have money for himself, which could help him with his needs. But Rakib had a strong sense of honesty. He didn't even peek inside the bag.

Instead of keeping the money, Rakib decided to do the right thing. He walked to the nearest police station to let them know about the bag he had found. To his surprise, he saw a lady from another country talking to the police officer. This lady had come to report that she had lost her bag. Rakib handed the bag over to the lady, and she was amazed by his honesty.

Inside the bag, there was not only money but also important things like a passport and documents. The lady was truly impressed by Rakib's honesty. As a reward for his good deed, she gave him a thousand dollars. But that's not all. She also promised to take care of all Rakib's educational expenses as a way to show her appreciation for his honesty.
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