Satellite Tv Channels Paragraph

TV Channels from Space

TV channels that are sent using satellites are called Satellite TV channels. Nothing is completely good in the world. Everything has a downside. Even though some programs on satellite TV have negative parts, they are still helpful. Some channels show things that are not good for our culture and make our morals worse by broadcasting movies, music, dances, and songs that are rude and full of fighting. Young people usually watch the exciting movies about fighting and crime. They also show movies that are not polite. All these things hurt their gentle mind. If bad things start to become a big part of their gentle mind, it will stay there. We can make our own culture stronger and help it grow by showing programs on TV that have our very old and traditional social rules, instead of always showing programs from other places. We should copy the good things in other cultures that we see on satellite TV and stop doing the bad things.
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