Shat Gambuj Masjid Paragraph

The Big Mosque with Many Domes is a really impressive mosque in Bangladesh. It sits by a big water pool on its east side. The mosque has 77 short round roofs, with 7 square roofs in the middle row. The large prayer hall has 11 arched doorways on the east and 7 on the north and south sides to let in air and light. Inside, there are 7 long paths and 11 deep parts made by many thin stone columns. These columns hold up the rows of curved shapes that help the roofs stay up. The curves are 6 feet wide, have slightly narrower empty spaces, and rounded walls. The inside and outside of the mosque look simple, but the western inside wall has pretty clay decorations of flowers and leaves. Apart from being a place for prayer, the mosque was also a court for Khan Jahan Ali. Now, it's a big attraction for tourists and one of Bangladesh's most beautiful buildings.
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