Slow and Steady Wins the Race Story

Once upon a time, in a forest, there was a rabbit and a turtle living nearby. One day, the turtle was moving along peacefully when the rabbit stopped him. The rabbit teased the turtle, saying that he was very slow. But the turtle responded with a smile and suggested they have a race. This idea surprised the rabbit, and he agreed to the race after they set a date for it. A fox heard about the race and came to watch.

When the race started, the rabbit sprinted ahead rapidly. He covered a mile in just a few minutes, leaving the turtle far behind. Feeling confident, the rabbit decided to take a nap under a bush. Meanwhile, the turtle kept moving at a steady pace without any breaks. As the turtle reached the bush where the rabbit was sleeping, he saw the rabbit snoozing away. The turtle quietly continued his journey, not disturbed by the rabbit's slumber. 

Time passed by, and the rabbit eventually woke up. To his surprise, it was already evening. He quickly got up and started running as fast as he could. But unfortunately, the turtle was already quite far ahead. The rabbit caught sight of the finish line, but by that time, the turtle had already crossed it. The rabbit felt embarrassed and ashamed. He finally realized that taking things slowly and steadily can lead to success, just like the turtle showed in the race.
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