Tea Paragraph


Tea is a really liked drink made by pouring hot water over tea leaves. The plant that makes tea is an always-green plant. It usually grows well in different countries like Bangladesh, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, and others. It grows on the sides of hills where water doesn't stay. People plant its seeds in March. They put the baby plants about five or six feet away from each other. The plants need soil that's a bit wet, sunlight, and air. People give them enough water. They need a warm climate to grow nicely. People sometimes cut the branches of tea plants to get more leaves. These plants don't make a lot of wood. Old leaves don't make good tea. People pick the leaves three or four times in a year. They dry the leaves in the air. Bangladesh is one of the top countries for making tea. Tea from Bangladesh is really liked and famous. Bangladesh gets a lot of money from other countries by selling tea.
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