Terrorism Paragraph


Terrorism means causing a lot of fear and scaring people. It happens all around the world. Terrorists hurt innocent people very cruelly. They do this to make people really scared and to weaken the government. So, terrorism is like a bad cycle that can destroy a country. Terrorists usually plan their attacks to make people feel really afraid for a long time. They also attack important things that represent a country, to show they are strong and to try to make the country or society they disagree with unstable. Terrorists often do these acts for political reasons. There are terrorists in rich and powerful countries, as well as in countries that are still growing. Sadly, recently, terrorism has spread all over the world. Pakistan, India, America, and Afghanistan have been attacked a lot. Many men, women, and children have been killed by terrorists in different countries. And this terrible thing is still happening. Governments all around the world are trying their hardest to stop terrorism. Every government needs to watch out for terrorists and use their police and other law enforcers to keep control and order in the whole country. Terrorism is a very bad problem now, and we should work together to stop it as soon as we can.
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