The 21st February Paragraph

February 21st
Global Day for Languages We Speak

February 21st is an important day in our history. It's known as Shaheed Day or Mother Language Day. In the year 1952, the students and regular people of what was then East Pakistan protested against the leaders from Pakistan who said that "Urdu will be the only language of our country." The Bengali people disagreed with this and protested against being told they couldn't use their own language. They wanted their language, Bengali, to have the same importance. Their protests reached a peak on February 21, 1952, when the police shot at a group of students at Dhaka University. Some brave people like Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam, and Barkat were killed. They are the first people in the world to die for their language. This sad event is the historic February 21st. Since then, the day is remembered as Shaheed Dibash.

The sacrifices these people made helped show how important their language was. To remember their bravery and to support all languages in the world, UNESCO decided in 1999 to call February 21st International Mother Language Day. Since then, this day is observed with respect and seriousness all around the world.
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