The Annual Sports Day of Our School Composition

The Sports Day of Our School

Sports day is a happy day for students, teachers, and parents. Last year, on March 10, 2013, we celebrated the day with joy.

Our school and playground were decorated with colorful papers, flowers, and decorations. A nice gate was put up to welcome the important guests.

The sports started at 9:30 am with the national flag and pigeons, a symbol of peace.

There were thirty-four events, including races and jumps. Two hundred students participated. The sack race and three-legged race were very fun. Dress as you like was entertaining.

The Hon'ble DC of Dhaka was the main guest. He arrived near the end of the events. After the events, he talked about the importance of games and sports and gave prizes to the winners.

Our headmaster thanked everyone who came and those who worked hard for the event's success. It was a happy ending.
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