The Blessings of Modern Science Composition

The good things from modern science are great. Electricity is the first wonder. It changed our lives a lot. Modern civilization itself is because of electricity.

Telephone is another good thing. It helps people talk with others anywhere in the world.

Wireless and radio are also great. They let us hear people's voices from any part of the world.

Television is another wonder. It lets us see news, games, sports, dramas, and movies from far away while we sit in our rooms. Planes, boats, cars, etc. help us travel far in a short time.

Penicillin, X-rays, ECG, Radio-therapy, and more are wonders in medicine.

The newest miracle is the computer. It's like a super brain that does hard calculations, keeps records, and stores information we can get back. Rockets are also a wonder. They make space travel easy. With them, people can even fly to the moon.

In truth, we don't know how much we owe to science in our daily lives.
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