The Concert for Bangladesh Paragraph

The Concert for Bangladesh happened on August 1st, 1971 at Madison Square Garden in New York. George Harrison, a well-known person from England, put together the famous show to help the Liberation War of Bangladesh. George Harrison and some other famous musicians played at that live show in front of around forty thousand people. This happened to tell the world about the hard times in Bangladesh during our Liberation War. George Harrison sang a song about Bangladesh during the show. He wasn't just a famous singer, but also a really caring person. He was the main person setting up the show. The show got a lot of support for the many people hurt by the war in Bangladesh. At the same time, it collected millions of dollars for UNICEF to help the people hurt by the war. The money was sent to help the people in Bangladesh who suffered because of the war. So, Harrison really tried to help us. That's why we should always remember him for putting together the big show.
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