The Cunning Fox and The Foolish Crocodile Story

The Clever Fox and The Silly Crocodile

Once upon a time, there was a crocodile who wanted her kids to learn things. So she went to a fox and asked the fox to teach her children. The fox said yes and agreed to help. The crocodile was happy and thought the fox could be trusted. So, the crocodile left her seven kids with the fox and went home.

But then, a time came when there wasn't enough food around. The fox looked for food but couldn't find any. Days went by, and the fox was really hungry. So, sadly, the fox decided to eat one of the crocodile's kids each day to survive.

After a little while, the crocodile came back to see how her kids were doing. The tricky fox had already eaten six out of the seven kids by then. To hide the truth, the fox brought out the one remaining child and pretended it was the first one. Then it did the same thing again and again, making the crocodile think that all seven of her kids were okay. 

The next day, the crocodile came back to check on her kids again. But by then, the fox had eaten the last remaining child and ran away. The crocodile finally realized what had happened and felt very sad. She cried and went away.
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