The Cunning Fox Story

Once upon a time, during the evening, a fox that was feeling very hungry arrived at a farmhouse. Outside the house, there was a large dog resting. This dog was tied to a tree using a rope. A woman came out of the house and placed a plate of meat on the ground. She put the meat close enough to the dog so it could easily get to it. However, it seemed the dog wasn't hungry because it didn't eat the meat.

The fox had gone without food for two whole days, but it was scared of the dog. The fox began to move slowly in circles around the tree. The dog was quite angry and attempted to attack the fox. Unfortunately for the dog, the rope that tied it to the tree wasn't long enough. So, as the fox kept walking around the tree, the dog followed, going in circles as well. The rope also went around the tree, getting shorter with each round.

Eventually, the rope became too short for the dog to reach the plate of meat. This is when the clever fox seized the opportunity. It quickly devoured the meat and then ran away to safety.
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