The Economic Habits of Queen Victoria Story

When Queen Victoria was a young girl, she learned about being careful with money from her great teacher. The princess had a certain amount of money she could spend, and she had to make sure not to spend more than that. Once, when she was at a market in Tunbridge Wells, she used up all her money buying gifts for her family and friends. But as she was leaving, she remembered another cousin she wanted to get a gift for. She saw a box that would be perfect, but she didn't have any money left. The people in the shop said they could include the box with other things, but her teacher said, "No, you see the princess doesn't have the money, so she can't buy the box." The shopkeepers then said they would save the box for her. When she got her next allowance, the princess rode her donkey to the market early in the morning to get the special box she wanted.
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